About Us

HarborRock is a waste to product (WTP) company deploying pyroprocessing technology commonly used globally in the cement and mining industries to convert sediments from ports and waterways into an aggregate commodity product. HarborRock’s air emission controls are state of the art and there are no regulatory impediments to implementation. In sum, the process is economical and environmentally friendly.

  • HarborRock offers Public Agency’s a practical, common sense manufacturing based solution for the management of sediments.
  • HarborRock uses sediments as a natural resource to sustainably create a high quality aggregate, a product with applications throughout the building and construction industries.
  • The Reuse Facility will provide Public Agency’s a world-class model to showcase a sustainable and innovative solution for the long-term management of sediments.
  • HarborRock will be a strategic partner to Public Agency’s and provide a risk free solution to them for the management of sediments.

DMCF with Resuse

Use an Existing DMCF, Put Raw Material In, Take Raw Material Out, Sell a Product…

HarborRock Video

In a little more than 5 minutes, learn why HarborRock is the “smart choice” for the sustainable management of sediments dredged from ports anywhere in the world.