Project Developer

Jeffrey B. Otto, P.E.

Founder and Chairman

Jeff Otto is an industrial technology entrepreneur who thrives on unlocking value via economical and sustainability focused solutions. He has a 40+ year career in construction, energy, and heavy-industry. Jeff is a pioneer in the reuse technology sector with a focus on energy and marine-industrial markets.

Jeff holds BS degrees in Mechanical & Agricultural Engineering and MS degrees in Environmental Engineering & Engineering Management. He is a licensed professional engineer in 7 states.


Gregory T. Otto

Chief Commercial Officer

Greg Otto is a career maritime industry executive with operational roles at Maersk, followed by marine security roles with the US State Department, and then in maritime investment banking. He is a Board Member of a publicly held US industrial real estate company and an Officer in the US Navy Reserve.

Greg holds a BS in Intermodal Logistics from the US Merchant Marine Academy and is pursuing a MA in National Security from the US Naval War College. He holds a valid US Coast Guard 3rd Mate’s license.